Father Nick Welsh

Father Nick Welsh

You have come to the website of St Andrew’s Parish, a Roman Catholic faith community in the West of Edinburgh. Mass times are given below and visitors are most welcome.

News and announcements will appear further down the page. Older material is at the bottom and in the monthly archives to the side. The other pages on this site contain information about the parish, both now and in the past.


Mass Times

  • Sunday AM: at 10:30
  • Holidays of Obligation: Vigil at 7.00pm & 9.30am
  • Weekdays: 9.30am (Saturday at 09:30am)

Father Nick Welsh


Unused/Unwanted Clothes Appeal

Fr Nicklas Maria from Russia (who is our Parish Project) has requested our help to donate children’s clothes (0-18 years) for his parishioners. You can donate in several ways: leave clothes in the St Andrews parish rooms in the marked box; bring them to Mass on Sunday and leave with Marie McQuillan in the choir; drop them off at 7 Ravelston Dykes anytime (we have a small green shed near the front door and you can leave items there); or contact Marie McQuillan on 01313326028.

SCIAF Wee Boxes



As you will no doubt be aware, the Government has pledged to match all donations made to SCIAF via their Wee Boxes this year, PROVIDED the monies are received by SCIAF on or before 8th May 2018. To ensure that SCIAF benefit from this, please make sure that you either return your Wee Box (with your details entered on the bottom) and its contents to SCIAF by this date OR leave your Wee Box at the back of the Church after mass today or next Sunday (29 April). Thank you!

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Experience the joy of God´s transforming and healing presence during traditional Christian meditation. Our group meets every Friday at 7 p.m. in the Romero prayer room in the Sacred Heart Church at Lauriston St. Afterwards you are welcome to stay for tea and learn to know others. Enter through the black door on the left side of the main entrance. Email: edinburghmeditation@gmail.com Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1cuO5QJ

Annual Christian Aid Book Sale at St. Andrew’s & St. George’s West 12th-19th May

Second hand bookstore

Second hand bookstore

The highly successful Christian Aid Book Sale, located at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church on George Street, will begin this year on Saturday12th May and then will be on all week from Monday 14th. There will be a great selection of books and also antiques, collectables, pictures, records, postcards and stamps on sale. All proceeds will go to help the millions who have been forced to abandon their homes, whether through natural disaster or conflict including in Nigeria, Colombia, South Sudan, Bangladesh and Iraq. Last year, Christian Aid reached 1.2 million people affected by emergencies. Do make a visit, pick up a bargain and aid a worthy cause.

Annual Pro-Life Chain – 28th April

Organised by SPUC Scotland, the annual pro-life chain will take place on Saturday 28th April along Lothian Road from 11:00am to 1:00pm. And for those interested, the Rosary with Archbishop Cushley will be held separately beforehand at Sacred Heart Church on Lauriston Street from 10:00am. All are warmly invited to attend!

Rota for 29th April

Role Person(s)
Readers Catherine & Finn Stewart
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Margaret Guest, Chris McCabe, Nancy McDermott
Bidding Prayers Fey Family
Passkeeper Fergus Christie
Flowers Bettina Sizeland & Trish Archutowski
Tea/Coffee Sarah,McNaught-Davis
Cash Counting Ang & John Byrne

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member.
Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.

Mass Days, Times, Holy Days and Mass Intentions

Day Time Holy Day Mass Intention
Sunday 22nd April 10:30am N/A Matthew, Sp. Int
Sunday 22nd April 12:00 noon Extraordinary Form N/A
Friday 27th 09:30am N/A William Docherty (RIP)

Safeguarding Training Opportunities

Our recent safeguarding audit highlighted a need for more volunteers to do training. Mr Coyne will have already been in touch about this. Chris McCabe is the co-coordinator for this training and she is keen to help us address our training backlog.  She has booked the following dates: Monday 26th March at 7 pm and Tuesday 17th April at 7 pm. The venue is the parish rooms. Can you contact Chris directly at k.carter@strath.ac.uk to say if you are able to make one of the sessions.

Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien RIP


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Cardinal O’Brien, Archbishop Emeritus of this Archdiocese, who died last week. The late Cardinal’s Requiem Mass will take place at the Church of St Michael, Westmoreland Road, Newcastle on Thursday 5 April at 1.00pm. The interment of his body will then take place at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Edinburgh on 6 April at 1.00pm The Cardinal’s body will be laid to rest in the grave of his mother and father. The Archbishop will offer a Month’s Mind Mass here at the Cathedral at 12.45pm on 19 April.