Father Jamie

Father Jamie

You have come to the website of St Andrew’s Parish, a Roman Catholic faith community in the West of Edinburgh. Mass times are given below and visitors are most welcome.

News and announcements will appear further down the page. Older material is at the bottom and in the monthly archives to the side. The other pages on this site contain information about the parish, both now and in the past.

Mass Times

  • Public masses suspended (see below for alternative arrangements)

Father Jamie McMorrin

Message from Mary Buchan

Dear All

A bumper update today, as the Scottish Govt start easing lockdown – enjoy phase one safely and we can look forward to phase two!

Parish News:
Attached are the Parish newsletter for this weekend (and the previous two Sundays) in case you haven’t seen them.

There is an amazing spiritual reading list for your ‘home’ time.

Also, a request for volunteers (aged 18-70) to join the new church attendants rota – a requirement for the opening of churches for private prayer in Scottish Govt’s Phase 2.

Archdiocesan news

1) The Archdiocesan website recently shared news of a postponement to Sept 2021 for the launch of Post-grad courses in Theology and Education at Gillis (Archdiocese HQ in Strathearn Road, Edin). In mid-March, St Mary’s University Twickenham had announced its provision of these courses in association with this archdiocese – very exciting news for the whole of Scotland. Sadly, Covid-19 has caused a delay in the original plans.
See here for details

2) The Bishops of Scotland have issued guidelines to be followed when re-opening churches for private prayer.

See here for details

All being well, this should be around June 18th. The parish newsletter contains the proposed opening hours for the Cathedral and St Andrews.

3) The annual St Margaret’s pilgrimage in Dunfermline will be online this year – Sunday 7 June at 3pm. See here for details.

4) Childrens Liturgy material for today, Trinity Sunday available here

5) Mount Vernon Cemetery remains open for funerals but has been closed to visitors during lockdown. It has recently reopened to visitors at the weekends. See here.

Two uplifting musical clips for you (with thanks to Chris for the prompt):

UK Blessing:

Irish Blessing:

Parish News from Mary Buchan

Dear All

The latest news from our wonderful parish for you – attached are today’s and last Sunday’s Newsletters, featuring more of Fr Patrick’s moving homilies; updates from the Telephone Apostolate (with capacity for even more recipients of these wee chats during this unnatural isolating period). Please note also that there is now an online method of making donations to the parish – which still incurs costs whilst the churches are closed and there is no weekly offertory collection. This is an exceptionally difficult time financially for many: employees, self-employed, businesses (large & small) and for the charity sector. IF you can, please donate to the parish as you would at Sunday Mass. Thank you to those who are already donating via Standing Order and Gift Aid.

For some inspiring activities, I recommend visiting the Cathedral facebook page. For those who do not use Facebook, the link is below (no sign-on required). Along with Fr Jamie’s daily Mass, there are some short videos from our enterprising RSM Sisters which will make you smile!!.


The Archdiocesan website continues to post fresh & interesting articles online and on Facebook – note that the Bishops of Scotland have created a Covid-19 working group to define how our churches can open safely & responsibly in a phased manner – for discussion with the Scottish Govt.


Don’t forget our request from Pope Francis for the daily rosary and his two special Marian prayers during this month of May, dedicated as always to our Blessed Mother.

Please take care and be sensible.

God Bless,
Mary B

Some Updates from Mary Buchan

  1. Check out the cathedral website for some lovely articles.
  2. Father Jamie continues with his daily mass from Cathedral house (As he films 12:45 Mass, today’s Mass is available from around 1:30pm) here: https://www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk/filming
  3. Sunday Mass at the Cathedral is available on the same link
  4. Fr Patrick is excelling himself with his weekly Homily in the Newsletter – not to be missed! His Holy Week homilies are still available on the Cathedral website.
  5. Attached is a copy of last Sunday’s newsletter for those who have not yet seen it (see below)
  6. There are many really beautiful pastoral resources available from the Archdiocesan website – for all the family. Matt Meade, our Communications Director is clearly working hard to keep this site fresh and interesting.
  7. Sunday Mass with the Archbishop; Also Sunday Mass in Polish and in the Syro Malabar rite.
  8. A lovely feature by our own Sr Mary Simone RSM on St Catherine of Siena for her feast day earlier this week
  9. Did you know there are links from the Archdiocesan website to access some really moving videos (on Facebook & Youtube)?
  10. The documentary called “Priests School” is available on BBC IPlayer. This follows Scottish seminarians whilst in Scots College Rome. There appear to be a few Celtic FC hopefuls in there…….. You will recognise our seminarian Martin, who assists Fr Jamie in his daily masses from Cathedral House.
  11. Pope Francis has asked us all to recite the Rosary daily with him through this month of May, traditionally dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. He has provided two special Marian prayers (for this time of pandemic) to be said after our daily rosary. These are available from the Archdiocesan website. Attached is a document with these special prayers for ease of printing off a copy to keep with your rosary (see below)
  12. 3) There are some beautiful childrens colouring-in books available on the Pauline Books & Media website, which I can highly recommend. The Rosary is one of them. The link is here if you are interested: https://www.paulineuk.org/browse?Keywords=colouring%20books&page=2

    Please stay safe & take care.
    God Bless
    Mary B

Message from Mary Buchan (and Newsletter)

Dear All 

This Easter Week has flown by!

I hope you and yours are continuing to be safe and healthy.

Please find attached this week’s parish newsletter (link at bottom of this post)

My apologies to the Fey family as their bundle of joyful news has not been included, so I’ll add it here:

“In these trying and often sad times a bit of good news – Paula and I are now proud grandparents!! Emma had a baby boy – Charles (Charlie) David Matthews born on 1 April weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 5oz. Guy and Paula Fey x

Many congratulations to the entire Fey family (especially Emma!) from all of us.

I would also like to add my personal thanks to those who are actively participating the the Telephone Apostolate within the Parish – whether making or agreeing to receive these friendly calls – these calls are keeping our wee church alive & well in unprecedented times. Thank you!

There continue to be interesting articles on the Archdiocesan website this week. For example, promising signs of collaboration across the Christian churches in Scotland. Worth a look, when you have a minute.

God Bless,
Mary B

Easter Newsletter & Gift

Dear All

I hope that you are keeping safe and well – especially those in the NHS & essential support work.

How are you coping with the Easter Triduum online? There are some very moving services available as recordings on our Cathedral and Archdiocesan websites as well as further afield, both nationally and globally.

Please find attached the Parish Newsletter for Easter – with apologies to those who have already signed-up for their own copy direct from the Parish Office.

Fr Patrick has included a thought-provoking homily; Deacon Peter has provided an update on the Telephone Apostolate.

Fr. Patrick also highlighted the loss to the diocese of the “regular” plate income. Can we therefore ask parishioners to “step up to the plate” in a virtual sense and sign up for a regular standing order (with gift aid if appropriate).

Have a Happy & Holy Easter!

Please stay safe,

Mary B

Holy Week information from Mary Buchan

Dear All

In addition to the Archdiocesan Holy Week Services, which were stated in my earlier email, please note the Cathedral’s Holy Week Services below.

These start imminently (7pm) with a Homily from Fr Patrick, which will be available from the Cathedral website


Louise – please forward to the Ravelston Rota list – thank you (I have tried to eliminate duplicates from the email lists).

Have a Happy & Holy Easter

God Bless

Mary B

Cathedral Holy Week Services:

Homily: Holy Thursday, 7pm

Homily: Good Friday, 3pm

Homily: Holy Saturday, 8pm

Easter Sunday Mass from the Cathedral: 9am

Telephone Apostolate

Dear All,

The parish is intending to launch a ‘telephone apostolate’ to help those who need sone support and we are looking for volunteers.  We intend giving help by setting up a buddy system where  volunteer befrienders would be paired with one or two befriendees.  

Your commitment: Regular telephone calls would take place whereby befrienders would call and “check-in” on their befriendee’s wellbeing. Other than enjoying a positive “natter”, conversations could also include asking if they are eating well and staying hydrated, have enough food etc and we will work in partnership with SSVP. 

If you are interested in helping the please reply to Peter Traynor and you will get more details. 

Ideally we want to keep a database of helpers.  To make sure we conform with GPPR rule can you please just confirm that you are willing to go on a database to help out. 

Best wishes,
Chris McCabe 

Spiritual Resources for the House-Bound

We’re looking for suggestions from parishioners for ways to continue practicing their faith during these troubled times. There are some suggestions below. Further suggestions, amendments etc welcome. The website admin works in the NHS himself so there may be delays in getting material up or replying to emails.

The parish church of St Xavier in Falkirk livestreams mass daily. See here.

This is an Irish website (hosted in Tuvalu) which has links to a number of churches offering streaming services.

There’s an online rosary resource here based out of a US church

Suggested daily readings: https://dailygospel.org/AM/gospel/2020-03-22

A Daily Spiritual Routine
10am Mass
Noon Rosary
3pm Divine Chaplet
8pm daily reading

If there is sufficient demand and time we could look at more ambitious projects like embedding videoconferencing in the website (once offspring enlisted in the task)

Take Care
Website Admin

Updates re Church Being (physically) Open

Dear All

Following the latest measures from the Govt to prevent the spread of Corona virus (as announced by Boris Johnson earlier this week), both the Cathedral and St Andrews churches are now CLOSED until such time as these measures are amended.
Kindly pass this word on to other parishioners who may have known of the short-lived opening hours arrangement.

These are indeed unprecedented times.

Please remember in your prayers those families and individuals who will be most adversely affected by this pandemic. And a very special prayer for the NHS & care staff upon whom we are all completely dependent.

Might I suggest we each pray the rosary every day at 3pm ?

Stay safe & God Bless!
Mary Buchan (for the parish council)