Father Nick Welsh

Father Nick Welsh

You have come to the website of St Andrew’s Parish, a Roman Catholic faith community in the West of Edinburgh. Mass times are given below and visitors are most welcome.

News and announcements will appear further down the page. Older material is at the bottom and in the monthly archives to the side. The other pages on this site contain information about the parish, both now and in the past.


Mass Times

  • Sunday AM: at 10:30
  • Holidays of Obligation: Vigil at 7.00pm & 9.30am
  • Weekdays: 9.30am (Saturday at 09:30am)

Father Nick Welsh


Safeguarding Training Opportunities

Our recent safeguarding audit highlighted a need for more volunteers to do training. Mr Coyne will have already been in touch about this.

Christ McCabe, my co-coordinator has done training in training (so to speak) and is keen to help us address our training backlog. She has booked the dates below

Monday 26th March – 7 pm
Tuesday 17th April – 7 pm.

Venue is the parish rooms. Can you contact Chris directly to say if you are able to make one of the sessions.


(parish safeguarding coordinator)

Knights of Malta Ball

The Knights of Malta Ball which raises funds for Knights of Malta chari

insignia knights of Malta

insignia knights of Malta

ties take place on 14 April. Visit www.orderofmaltaball.com for more details or contact Rosemary Milligan on 337 1385 or Camilla Smith on 07738472812.

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life are organizing a vigil to pray for an end to abortion at Forth Valley Royal Infirmary, Larbert during Lent For more information, contact Patricia Maclennan on 0131 441 3262.

Volunteering Opportunities Part 2!

Server Room

Server Room

Just a cheeky addendum to the previous post …

We could also do with some help with the parish website, both maintenance and taking it forward. For example, we have a FaceBook page and Twitter feed that are currently only used to forward items from the website.

The website runs on WordPress, an industry standard platform, and might make a nice addition to a CV. Unlike some of the other volunteer roles it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Mail me at standrewsravelston@gmail.com if you might be interested.

Volunteering Opportunities

Perhaps as one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might consider giving some time and/or energy to the Church? We are really in need of more volunteers to help run this dynamic parish. So, for instance, we really need more cleaners, and ‘teas & coffees’ teams. We are also looking for people with PVG at this parish as passkeepers and to provide a taxi service for an elderly person to and from Trinity for the 10:30am Sunday Mass. Could you (would you) conceivably give a little of your time to the parish? If you would like to know more about any of these things, or (better still) if you would just like to volunteer please either speak to a member of the Parish Council after Mass (or email them at standrewsravelston@gmail.com), alternatively speak to Fr Nick or Fr Patrick. Thank you.

SCIAF Wee Box Appeal



If you haven’t already done so, please pick up a SCIAF “Wee Box” from the back of the Church on your way out today to help with Lenten almsgiving. The UK Government has pledged to match all donations received through the Wee Box Appeal this year, so please do take one home and fill it up during Lent.




I am pleased to tell you that gift aid envelope sets are now available for the new tax year. For those of you who are already registered for gift aid and currently using weekly envelopes, a box for 2018/19 should now be at the back of the Church for you to collect as you leave after mass today.

If you are not already using gift aid envelopes, but would like to start, please either speak to Caroline Reid after mass, or email finance@stmaryscathedral.co.uk to request a set.

Laetare Sunday – Mother’s Day

In the Church’s liturgical calendar this Sunday is known as “Laetare Sunday” meaning “Rejoicing Sunday” because we are now over half way through Lent. This is the only day in the year when the liturgical colour is pink or rose. It fits nicely this year with the secular celebration of Mother’s Day. We give thanks to God for our own mothers and pray for them whether they are alive or dead

Mass Days, Times, Holy Days & Mass Intentions

Day Time Holy Day Mass Intention
Sun 11 10:30am NA Special Intention
Sun 11 12 noon Extraordinary Form NA
Fri 16th 9:30am NA Special Intention

Rota for Next Sunday – 18th March

Role Person(s)
Readers Catherine & Finn Stewart
Ministers of Holy Communion
Margaret Guest,Chris McCabe,Nancy
Fergus Christie
Passkeeper Michael McNaught-Davis
Flowers No
flowers during Lent
Tea/Coffee Sarah McNaught-Davis
Anne Ellis & Sheila Hannah

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member.
Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.

Memorial Mass for Monsignor Gemmell

Memorial Mass for Monsignor Gemmell. This marks the 10th anniversary of the former administrator of the Cathedral, Msgr. David Gemmell. Mass will be offered for him on March 7th in the Cathedral at 12.45pm, and there will be a memorial Mass for him at St Kentigern’s, Barnton, the same day at 7pm. All are welcome.