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For all of the 3 people who follow us on Twitter (@st_andrews_rton) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/standrewsravelston/) you might have noticed the way in which new entries on the Parish website were automatically forwarded to the parish Facebook and Twitter accounts. Alas, as is the way of these things, having got lots of users aboard, the free service that provided this functionality has now created a “premium” package and charges accordingly.

I’ve worked up a DIY solution using another service called IFTT. It may or may not work properly. Would be grateful if you could let me know. I’m not a regular Facebook or Twitter user myself.

The position of Social Media Czar is open for anyone who is interested by the way … the Facebook page particularly needs attention which as a non-facebooker I’m not really able to provide

Web Admin

EIFA Interfaith Peace Walk

EIFA Interfaith Peace Walk is today. The walk will commence from St Mary’s Cathedral at 2pm (assemble 1:45pm), proceeding to the Baha’i Centre, Assembly Hall/ New College, St Columba’s by the Castle, Edinburgh Central Mosque, Orthodox Community of St Andrew, ending at the Synagogue in Salisbury Road where an Interfaith Peace Service and meal will be held, starting approximately 4:15pm. All are welcome.

Legion of Mary


As you know, we have a very active Legion of Mary in the Cathedral parish, and one of the things the Legion does is to visit the sick and the housebound. This is a valuable apostolate because many people in Edinburgh suffer from social isolation. If you know of anyone who might benefit from a visit from the Legion volunteers – or indeed if you would like a visit– just call Ian Ferri on 337 2653.

Cluster meeting at St. Andrew’s Wednesday 28 September – help needed!

Dear All

As you know, we are hosting the second of the three cluster meetings the Archbishop has asked us to hold to talk about how we may cooperate within our clusters now and in the future. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesday 28 September.

Because the parish rooms are not big enough to hold everyone, we will be holding the meeting in the church. We are asked to split into small groups to discuss items, so will be arranging the furniture as we do for catechism classes.

We would be grateful for some volunteers to help on the evening, if possible, so that our visitors feel welcome.

Andrew has been asked to chair the meeting. We will, however, need people willing to lead each small group and report back their findings to the whole meeting.

In addition, we will provide some light refreshments in the parish rooms for early birds and after the meeting. I have bought milk, tea, coffee, biscuits but we will need some people to help make and serve the teas and clear up.

We probably don’t want hot drinks or food being taken into the church but can perhaps provide jugs of water and the children’s beakers in case people get thirsty during the evening.

So we need volunteers

1) To move furniture around

2)To welcome people and hand out the report of the last meeting that we gave out on Sunday (let me know if you did not receive one and I will forward it to you)

3) To lead the small discussion groups and report back.

4) To help with teas, coffees, etc

If you can let us know whether you are coming and are willing to help – and what you are willing to do, that would be great. If we don’t hear from you, I hope this message means you will not be surprised to be asked to take part on the evening!

With best wishes,
Rosemary Milligan

The Margaret Sinclair Story

Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair

A new play telling the story of her life will be held during the Festival Fringe from 6th – 12th August. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the cause of Venerable Margaret Sinclair and spread devotion to her.

See poster in the porch for details and ticket prices.

Mass Times, Holy Days & Mass Intentions

Sun 19th, 10.30am, –, Angie Tomlinson RIP
Sun 19th, 12:00 (extraordinary form), –, —
Mon 20th, 9.30am, St Aloysius Gonzaga, —
Wed 22nd, 9.30am, –, —
Thurs 23rd, 9.30am, –, —
Fri 24th, 9.30am, Solemnity of the birth of St John the Baptist, —
Sat 25th, 10.30am, Votive Mass of St. Josemaria Escriva, —

Annual Summer Pilgrimage to Dunfermline – Sunday 12 June

Annual Summer Pilgrimage to Dunfermline – Sunday 12 June
After the huge success of this pilgrimage last year, there will be another pilgrimage this year on Sunday 12th June. You are all invited to visit the sites associated with St. Margaret from 10am onwards before the Procession with the Relics of St. Margaret at 3pm and Mass with the Archbishop at 4pm. It is a great occasion – a great day out for all the family.

Priesthood: Enquirers Weekend 3-5 June, St. Andrews

Are you interested in the priesthood? Why not “come and see” at an Enquirers Weekend of recollection in the historic town of St. Andrews? From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, there will be time for Mass, prayer, coastal walks and social time with others who are perhaps just like you.

Accommodation free. No commitment presumed. Ages 18-50. For further information contact, Fr. Michael-John Galbraith at Vocations@staned.org.uk, or call 01334 472856.

May Procession – 28th May 2016

The Missionaries of Charity are holding a May Procession in honour of Our Lady on Saturday 28th May 2016. The Procession will start at 2.15pm at the Convent, at 18 Hopetoun Crescent, and will end at the Cathedral. It will be a lovely occasion and the Sisters are inviting you to participate if you possibly can. Everyone in the procession should bring a flower with them to offer to our Lady at the end of the Procession.

Collection for Fr David Cullen

We have received a letter of thanks from the Missionaries of Africa who gratefully received the donation we made recently to Fr David Cullen, following the break-in to his home. The Missionaries of Africa are in the process of transferring the money to Fr David. Many thanks, once again, for your generosity.



Could anyone who wants to volunteer in a regulated role please collect a pack of forms from the parish rooms. If you have a pack please arrange to meet Paula or Fionnbar to go through the checks and have your form passed on. Fionnbar can be contacted through the website or in person, Paula in person.