Telephone Apostolate

Dear All,

The parish is intending to launch a ‘telephone apostolate’ to help those who need sone support and we are looking for volunteers.  We intend giving help by setting up a buddy system where  volunteer befrienders would be paired with one or two befriendees.  

Your commitment: Regular telephone calls would take place whereby befrienders would call and “check-in” on their befriendee’s wellbeing. Other than enjoying a positive “natter”, conversations could also include asking if they are eating well and staying hydrated, have enough food etc and we will work in partnership with SSVP. 

If you are interested in helping the please reply to Peter Traynor and you will get more details. 

Ideally we want to keep a database of helpers.  To make sure we conform with GPPR rule can you please just confirm that you are willing to go on a database to help out. 

Best wishes,
Chris McCabe 

Spiritual Resources for the House-Bound

We’re looking for suggestions from parishioners for ways to continue practicing their faith during these troubled times. There are some suggestions below. Further suggestions, amendments etc welcome. The website admin works in the NHS himself so there may be delays in getting material up or replying to emails.

The parish church of St Xavier in Falkirk livestreams mass daily. See here.

This is an Irish website (hosted in Tuvalu) which has links to a number of churches offering streaming services.

There’s an online rosary resource here based out of a US church

Suggested daily readings:

A Daily Spiritual Routine
10am Mass
Noon Rosary
3pm Divine Chaplet
8pm daily reading

If there is sufficient demand and time we could look at more ambitious projects like embedding videoconferencing in the website (once offspring enlisted in the task)

Take Care
Website Admin

Updates re Church Being (physically) Open

Dear All

Following the latest measures from the Govt to prevent the spread of Corona virus (as announced by Boris Johnson earlier this week), both the Cathedral and St Andrews churches are now CLOSED until such time as these measures are amended.
Kindly pass this word on to other parishioners who may have known of the short-lived opening hours arrangement.

These are indeed unprecedented times.

Please remember in your prayers those families and individuals who will be most adversely affected by this pandemic. And a very special prayer for the NHS & care staff upon whom we are all completely dependent.

Might I suggest we each pray the rosary every day at 3pm ?

Stay safe & God Bless!
Mary Buchan (for the parish council)