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OK – Facebook page should be automatically loading itself with new posts from website.  We now have a like/follow button for Facebook and RSS feeds.  These are on the page headers rather than on a separate subscriptions page so I’ve scrapped that.

Email subscriptions are trickier and Twitter causing problems …



We have a (fairly sparse) Facebook page at or St Andrew’s Catholic Church Ravelston (not sure how Facebook folk actually locate stuff online)

If a homebrew script works OK the new posts on the blog will automagically appear on our Facebook page.  Don’t plan on doing any more than that with the Facebook page but any enthusiastic social networkers welcome to take it on.

I’ll work at a “subscribe” button next

Comments, feedback or assistance welcome


Next Sunday’s Rota.: 5 Jan: 2014

Next Sunday’s Rota.: 5 Jan: 2014

Readers: Gerry McCloskey, Keiron Fey
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Ian McGregor, George Paluchowski, Nancy McDermott
Bidding Prayers

Richard McCullough

Passkeepers: Frank Rourke
Flowers: Robbie Clarke, Annabel Heward
Tea/Coffee Gillian Alexander, Caroline Reid

Thanks for the Nativity play

Thanks for the Nativity play

The children of our parish gave us a wonderful gift for Christmas, they brought to life the Christmas Story of Jesus from Bethlehem. We thank you all and we are all grateful to the team of volunteers, who helped the children and prepared it. May the generous blessing of Our Lord Jesus reward your effort and commitment.

Thanks for Christingles

Thanks for Christingles

Special thanks to those who made Sunday 15 Dec. 2013 in St. Andrew’s so joyfully Christian for all children gathered in our church. On behalf of the youngest ones I would like to thank you for your generosity, time and effort. May loving God reward you with his kindness!

World Day of Peace

January 1st is the World Day of prayer for Peace

May God give peace to everyone, especially to all, who live in political, family or personal conflict. We pray with the words of Scriptures: “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord uncover his face to you and bring you peace” (Numbers 6: 24-26). We also ask Mary, the Mother of God, the instrument of God’s revelation, who “treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart”, to direct us to it and pray with us for this gift of peace.


This Sunday (29 Dec. 2013) is the Feast of the Holy Family


Wed. 1 Jan. – Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Thurs. 2 Jan. – Memorial of St. Gregory Nazianzen

Next Sunday (5 Jan. 2013) is the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord


Christmas Eve Rota: 24 Dec. 6pm Mass
Readers: Marie McQuillan, Geraldine Rooney, Fergus Christie
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion George Paluchowski, Nancy McDermott, Fergus Christie
Bidding Prayers Nancy/Fiona McDermott
Passkeepers: Gerry/Maggie McCloskey

Christmas Day Rota: 25 Dec. 9am Mass
Readers: Maureen McGregor, Valerie Thomas
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Philip Dorrian, Anna Fraser, Ian McGregor
Bidding Prayers Dorrian family
Passkeepers: Maureen McGregor
Flowers: Flower Team
Tea/Coffee Fey family


The Children of our parish will bring to life the best story in the world about a child born in Bethlehem. They will perform the Nativity after our Mass today Sun. 22 Dec. 2013. Please, come, watch and fill yourselves with joy, which this child brings and then join in the celebrations in the parish room afterwards.


This Sunday (22 Dec. 2013) is the Fourth Sunday of Advent in the Year “A”
Wed. 25 Dec. – Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord
Thurs. 26 Dec. – Feast of St. Stephen
Fri. 27 Dec. – Feast of St. John Evangelist
Sat. 28 Dec. – Feast of the Holy Innocents
Next Sunday (29 Dec. 2013) is the Feast of the Holy Family “A”


I’ve created a new top-level page (to the far right on the menu) to contain links by which people can subscribe to front page of the website and get newsletter items, announcements etc sent to their Facebook, Twitter etc accounts.  Email will be another mechanism by which to subscribe.

So far, I have RSS working and Twitter seems to work intermittently.  I’ll see about Facebook and email over the Christmas