There will be some major changes in the parish over the next few weeks.  Our customary workflows for producing newsletter and website will be disrupted and things may take a little while to settle down.

Please bear with us during the change.  Your patience is appreciated.  Assistance with website/newsletter would be even more appreciated.  We’re particularly keen to get a larger pool of people for printing the newsletter so if you’re in a position to pop into the church hall occasionally this would be a great help.


Web Team


A  bad  penny!  

They  say  that  a  bad  penny  always  turns  up  and  today  for  many   of  the  parishioners  of  St  Andrews  the  bad  penny  is  on  the  verge   of  turning  up!    Six  years  after  I  bade  you  farewell  I  return  on   Sunday  7th  September  as  the  parish  priest  again!    IT  is  will   enormous  joy  that  once  more  I  return  to  St  Andrew’s,  a  parish   that  has  always  had  a  special  place  in  my  heart.    I  arrived  in   2001  just  prior  to  the  centenary  of  the  parish  and  Church  and   return  just  as  the  Cathedral  parish  has  celebrated  its   bicentenary  and  13  years  later.    Whatever  the  future  holds  I   hope  that  together  we  will  work  is  this  new  situation  for  the  good   of  all.    For  a  time  Fr  Jamie  Boyle  will  be  the  administrator  of  the   parish  as  he  is  the  interim  administrator  of  the  Cathedral   following  my  recent  ill  health.    Fr  Nick  Welsh  will  be  the   assistant  priest,  so  you  will  get  to  know  them  in  the  weeks   ahead.    There  is  a  true  sense  for  me  of  coming  home  and  I  hope   I  am  not  alone  in  that  feeling  –  until  next  Sunday   Michael  Regan

Farewell  from  Fr.  George

Fr George 2Thank  you  all  in  St.  John  the  Baptist’s  and  St.  Andrew’s   parishes  for  the  love,  support  and  great  help  which  I  have   received  in  my  work  here.  I  thank  you  for  the  witness  of  your   faith,  you  have  manifested  at  our  Sunday  Masses  and  during   different  liturgical  events  during  the  last  six  years  in  our  parish   churches.  This  definitely  strengthened  my  own  faith.  Thank  you   all,  who  in  a  special  way  helped  me  as  parish  priest  to  organize   the  celebrations  of  the  Holy  Sacraments  and  sacramental   preparations,  liturgical  ministries  like:  readers,  musicians  and   singers,  ministers  of  Holy  Communion,  altar  servers,   pass-­keepers,  cleaners  and  flower  arrangers,  parish  social  life,   running  of  parish  halls,  administration,  finances,  fabrics  and   everything  else  which  concerned  the  parishes  and  day  to  day   running  of  the  parishes!
 -­  Father  George  Suszko  SAC

Change  of    St.  Andrew’s  parish  Administration  centre  

From  7th  September  2014  the  link  between  St.  John  the   Baptist’s  and  St.  Andrew’s  will  cease.  The  parish  office  phone   number  and  email  address  will  change  to  0131  556  1798  and   email:    All  the   Sacramental  Books  will  be  transferred  to  St.  Mary’s  Cathedral   and  left  under  the  care  of  Fr.  James  Boyle,  who  is  the   temporary  Administrator  in  St.  Mary’s  Cathedral  as  well  as  in   St.  Andrew’s.

Clergy  moves  2014

Fr.  George  has  been  appointed  to  become  Parish  Priest  of  the   Holy  Cross  &  St.  Margaret  Mary’s  parishes  from  7th  Sept.  2014.   Mgr  Patrick  Burke,  VG  -­  Vicar  General  will  be  the  Administrator   and  Fr.  Victor  Adigboluja  a  priest  in  residence  in  St.  John  the   Baptist’s.   Fr.  Jamie  Boyle  will  become  temporary  Administrator  of  St.   Andrew’s  parish,  Ravelston.  The  changes  are  announced  on  the   Archdiocesan  website.  They  can  also  be  checked  on  the  parish   notice  boards.



  • This  Sunday  (31st  Aug.  2014)  is  the  22nd  Sunday  of  the  Year   “A”
  • Next  Sunday  (7th  Sept.  2014)  is  the  23rd  Sunday  of  the  year   “A”