The parish calendar has been embedded on a page on this website since we started.  However the saints days were generic (didn’t realise there were local versions)

Have now found a source to import a local Scottish Church Calendar for your viewing pleasure.  Give it a look over and see if it’s accurate (its coloured red)

The generic calendar is left in place largely because I can’t figure out how to delete it at present …

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Hear the Word… God’s Justice

The parable of the workers in the vineyard is rather startling. People who work an hour in the late afternoon are paid the same as those who work all day long. Obviously God doesn’t think like we do.

We think of justice in terms of what is fair, of what people deserve. So we would say that the people who worked longer deserved more. But God doesn’t see it that way. God thinks of justice in terms of people’s dignity, their right to a decent life.

The people who came late had the same right to a decent life as those who had worked all day, so they are all treated equally. Nothing is taken from anyone, but all are treated in accord with their dignity, their right to a decent life. Such is God’s justice.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.” Perhaps we would have a better world if we were to adopt some of God’s ways. After all, “the Lord is just in all his ways,” and that is something which cannot be said of all our ways.

“Father, guide us according to your law of love.” Free us from our law of vindictive justice.

Biblical justice is more comprehensive than subsequent philosophical definitions. It is not concerned with a strict definition of rights and duties, but with the rightness of the human condition before God and within society. Nor is justice opposed to love; rather, it is both a manifestation of love and a condition for love to grow.

U.S. Bishops, Economic Justice for All (1986) 39

Gerald Darring

(centre for liturgy Sunday Website)

A few Words from Monsignor  Regan

On Thursday the will of the people of Scotland was  expressed and we welcome the fact that we were free to cast our vote without fear.  Unlike so many of our brothers and sisters around the world, this was not an armed conflict nor will there be persecution of those who voted on different sides of the ballot. This is the first thing for which we should rejoice.

We should also remember that as disciples of Jesus Christ, our task is to preach the good news of the Gospel and to help people see what lies beyond the day to day world to the lasting values of truth, justice and peace.

Let us never doubt the Father’s goodness to us all..

We offer our prayers and best wishes to Archbishop Cushley who today marks the first anniversary of his ordination as our Archbishop. May the Lord bless and strengthen him.

Saving Trees!

For those who want to spare paper and toner cartridges there are some good alternatives to this printed newsletter.  All content (apart from personal announcements like mass intentions at present) go up on the website. You can also view the website in a specially optimised form for mobile phones at the same URL.  You can subscribe to it from Facebook, Twitter or via RSS.  Finally, I think I have the email subscription system working so if you leave your email address on the website it will automatically send out a weekly update.

Parish BBQ

20140914_141932_Ravelston PlMany thanks to the Parish Council for their excellent team effort in this year’s very successful Parish BBQ.

Special thanks also to our extended team Fr George (Bigos stew); Ang, Diarmuid and Marie (Tombola); Mina (salad); Greg (Masterchef); Fergus (ticket sales and big shop); and Marie-Angela (salads and café worker) and everyone who came along and made the day special.

The Missionaries of Charity were very grateful for the surplus meat and cakes donated for their meals for the homeless. Surplus rolls went to the Cathedral for their sandwiches for the needy. Surplus wine, beer, soft drinks, biscuits and paperware were stored for future Parish social events.’


This week we were advised by the Archdiocese that we must make an urgent review of safeguarding within the parish. Unfortunately this means that we will temporarily have to suspend some of the catechism classes until such time as all our volunteers have been properly approved through the PVG system. I ask for your understanding and patience during this period. Hopefully we can get up to the required approval as soon as possible.    – Fr Jamie

Response to Parishioner’s Query (via Parish Council)

In response to parishioner enquiry, the donations made by the parish during 2013 totalling £5,791.62 (as shown in the accounts, line 53) included £2,300 awarded to the Parish Project and other payments to Little Sisters of the Poor, Sisters of Mercy and Scottish Women’s Aid of £1,000, £1,000 and £800, respectively.  The remaining amount represented donations to the Pallotine Fathers.