This Week’s Feasts

8324452887_6867f39c9e_bFeast of the Holy Family 2014 ­

Christ has come into our midst and we have celebrated again the birth of the Son of God. We are reassured that our trust and faith is not misplaced but that God’s presence with us is always alive. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family and we pray for all families remembering all that we have received from our own families and the many blessings that family life brings. We also remember all those families where there is not joy and fulfilment, those who are broken and separated for whatever reason. We pray that the absence of family life may not cloud people in their belief of the goodness of God.

This week the year comes to its end and we set out into 2015. May it be a time of renewal for us all and may every blessing come upon us during that time.

We remember particularly in our prayers in these days all those who have been hurt in the last year, especially the victims of war and violence, the victims of natural disaster and those close to home who have suffered, especially in Glasgow during the week.

From all the clergy may we wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Aid to the Church in Need

Thank you!  Many thanks to all who bought cards or made a donation when we visited St Andrew’s church.  Card sales from four city centre churches came to £1775, and donations amounted to £113. This is a wonderful result, and the charity is extremely grateful for your support.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Best wishes

Annette Brydone

Rota 25 December 2014


Readers Valerie Thomas, Teresa Howison
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Philip Dorrian, Chris McCabe, Alan MacLeod
Bidding Prayers Dorrian Family
Passkeepers Gerry & Maggie McCloskey
Flowers Christmas Flower Team
Tea/Coffee Milligan Family
Cash Counters Team A

Rota 24 December 2014


Readers Catherine & Finn Stewart Fergus Christie
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Fergus Christie, Margaret Guest, Nancy McDermott
Bidding Prayers Nancy & Fiona McDermott
Passkeepers Robbie Clarke
Flowers Christmas Flower Team
Cash Counters Team D

Next Sunday’s Rota 28 December 2014

Next Sunday’s Rota 28 December 2014 (see over page for Christmas Eve & Day Rotas)

Readers Catriona MacKinnon, Gerry McCloskey
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Anna Fraser, George Paluchowski, Fergus Christie
Bidding Prayers Fergus Christie
Passkeepers Andrew & Rosemary Milligan
Flowers Christmas Flower Team
Tea/Coffee Geraldine Rooney & Marie McQuillan
Cash Counters Team B

Feast Days & Mass Intentions

Mass intentions:

Day Feast Mass Offering
Sunday Saint Peter Canisius, priest and doctor
Tuesday Saint John of Kanty, priest
Wednesday 21:00 – The Parish
Thursday Nativity of the Lord

Octave of Christmas

09:00 Matt Millar
Friday Saint Stephen, the first martyr

Octave of Christmas

Saturday Saint John the Apostle and evangelist Octave of Christmas

Message from Father David In Zambia

Zambia PictureGreetings from Zambia where we are roasting in the heat waiting for the ever later arrival of the rains, something surely due to the climate change on-going crisis.

I hope that all is well with you. Here I’m ok though I don’t have the energy of former times and need not only a good siesta but also an early night.

I remain very grateful for regular donations – the regular givers are very precious. I’ve just had a cheque too from … which is very kind and thoughtful. I’ll be writing …

Just to give you a bit of news as to where the money goes, last month we had a public holiday as it was the burial day of our late President Michael Sata. I took advantage of it to visit 3 homes in our local compounds, first that of Misozi who lives in a rented house which costs £20 a month and has literally no other facilities apart from the walls, an irrigated iron roof and an outside pit loo. She is living with 10 children, mostly her own but one or two orphans from elsewhere in the family. She once spent a year in jail for failing to pay a debt of about £90. Apart from having to serve 8 months in jail she still had to find the money to repay and that day I helped her with the remaining half of it. I also paid most of the cost of a mattress for her and the 3 small children sleeping in the same large bed. I do also help the family quite a lot with the children’s school fees plus food and milk for the youngest child as Misozi is HIV positive and so cannot breastfeed the child. She does try to earn something through a small business of dried fish, tomatoes etc. Who the father of the smallest, my namesake David is, I would not know; she met up with him on a visit to the capital Lusaka where she admitted ‘I sinned’.

I then went to her eldest daughter’s rented home, this daughter being a 23 year old by the name of Ailedi. She has a small child who also needs milk as she too is HIV positive. She likewise does not have the ‘luxury’ of a mattress and not even a blanket, but simply a reed mat and cloth on top of it. I help her quite a bit with a small business of buying chickens, cutting them into small pieces and selling them at a bit of a profit as also baking fritters. I had to leave her some money for a padlock for her door which for a thief would not be a great obstacle but anyhow it will give her a greater sense of security. She has a cousin staying with her by the name of Mathias who helps quite a bit using a bike we bought for him as a taxi with a seat behind the saddle for his passenger or buying and selling goods in an area some distance from town, being thereby able to add a bit onto the price. We hope to help him get back to school at the beginning of next year. Both small David and Ailedi’s small baby Joe are named after me and my fellow White Father here Joe who runs a parish in town. We only accepted to have the children share our names provided they were baptised. In fact both Misozi and Ailedi had followed lessons in the past for baptism and completed them this year before Easter when they were both baptised. The two boys were baptised at Pentecost. Both mothers do seem serious about their Christian life. Ailedi has joined the parish choir.

Then finally on that holiday I was in the house of Martha, another ex-prisoner who managed somehow to get herself pregnant whilst in prison. She has about 6 children in her very basic rented house, the eldest Maggie pregnant at the age of 15! I have to help them quite a lot with a mini-business and I was paying the school fees of Maggie until this ‘accident’ happened. I will surely have to help with clothes for the baby when the time comes. Like the rented houses of Misozi and Ailedi, there is nothing other than an outside loo, the corrugated iron roof and the walls; never a hope of a glass window pane as that would indeed be a luxury.

Just a few days ago my top SVP associate Patricia brought along to my hospital office Cecilia aged 26 and Teresa aged 21, two more prostitutes that she had rescued from the streets. Both are orphans, which is what led them to take to prostitution but both had also done quite well at school but been unable to afford the fees to continue. Anyhow we have given them some money to start a small business and Patricia often has these ex-prostitutes we help visiting her at her home and she always welcomes them. We’ve now rescued 10 altogether and of these two latest I hope we can get Teresa back to school next year. We always try to follow those rescued from the streets to ensure that they are not tempted to go back when they have financial problems.

I know there is poverty in England, but I wonder if there is much to compare with what is here. Anyhow you continue to make your much appreciated contributions to help such as these and for that monthly donation I am most grateful.

I’m afraid that my Christmas mail has gone by the board this year: just not enough time for it so I’d better here and now wish you, and all the others in your hearts the many Christmas blessings the Lord surely wants to give you all as also a prayer for his continued loving care throughout the year to come,

With love,


Safeguarding / Volunteer Governance

1024px-No_Bureaucracy_Illustration_CzechAt the time of writing, 8 volunteers have passed through the PVG process. 20 more are in various stages in the pipeline. A big thank you to everyone who turned up with their passports and electricity bills!

If you still have your white envelope catch Paula or Fionnbar after mass and we can fill it in together