Dear Volunteers;

As you will know, those volunteers in so-called “regulated” roles must go through the PVG process but also must complete training in safeguarding issues.

Marion Ben-Hamou, from the Archdiocese, has, very kindly, agreed to come to the St Andrew’s parish rooms and deliver training on 25th April from 14:00 to 16:00.

All regulated-role volunteers, or those considering such a role, are strongly encouraged to attend.

Kind Regards

Safeguarding Team


We need more people to volunteer in all areas of the parish, from musicians to pass keepers and sacristans as well as newsletter and website volunteers. Approach any member of the Parish Council or contact us via the website

Fair Trade Thank You

Heartfelt thanks to all those who supported our elongated Fair Trade ‘fortnight’.  Altogether, we held two stalls at St Andrew’s, three during ‘open house’ at our home and one at Peter’s school.  We sold the grand total of £1,343.68 worth of goods (about £500 at St Andrew’s)!  £1,276.50 has been returned to the One World Shop and thence to the producers. However, we are allowed to keep 5% and received £74.39 in donations, so we have been able to send £200 to the White Fathers’ treasurer to help support the work of Fr David Cullen in Zambia.

Mass Intentions & Feasts

Mass Intentions & Feasts:

Feast Intention
Sunday Palm Sunday Angela Gargaro
Monday Monday of Holy week
Tuesday Tuesday of Holy week
Wednesday Wednesday of Holy week No Mass Today
Thursday Holy Thursday Con Cahillane
Friday Good Friday
Saturday Easter vigil

Retreat in Daily Life (RDL) from Easter-Pentecost (via Freda Alexander)

At this stage of Lent it’s hard to think beyond Easter!

But, I’ve just put up notices for this RDL: A Risen Life

Please have a look at the flier; you’ll see that St Andrew’s has been invited to host the opening meeting; this is a real privilege for us!!

I hope that 1 or 2 of you may be feeling a nudge from God to get involved more and join the retreat.

  • Your children may have moved on to a new stage in their lives
  • You may have retired
  • You may be wondering what you can do for St Andrew’s
  • Your faith may feel stuck and lifeless
  • Or or or

During the 6-week retreat you’ll be asked to give more time to God.

And you’ll be offered help by meeting 1-1 (weekly) with a trained prayer-guide to midwife the new life that is being born in you. [You choose his/her age-group, gender, denomination etc

I did an RDL 16 years ago and it really was life-changing for me. I hope and pray it will be like that for some of you……Freda Alexander