Rota for Christmas Day 2015

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Role, Person(s)
Readers, Geraldine Rooney/Catriona McKinnon
Extraordinary Ministers, George Paluchowski/Anna Fraser/Phillip Dorrian
Bidding Prayers, Freda Alexander
Passkeepers, Robbie Clark
Flowers, Flower Team
Tea/Coffee, —
Cash Counting, Ang & John Byrne

Rota for Christmas Eve 2015

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Role, Person(s)
Readers, Fergus Christie/Teresa Howison/Amaka Idigo
Extraordinary Ministers, Margaret Guest/Chris McCabe/Fergus Christie
Bidding Prayers, Fey Family
Passkeepers, Andrew & Rosemary Milligan
Flowers, Flower Team
Tea/Coffee, —
Cash Counting, Siun & John White

Feast Days & Mass Intentions

Day, Time, Holy Day, Mass Intention
Sun 20th, 10:30AM, 4th Sunday of Advent, John Mellon RIP
Sun 20th, 12 Noon (old rite), 4th Sunday of Advent, —
Mon 21st, 7PM, St Peter Canisus, Ella Friel RIP
Tues 22nd, 9:30 AM, –, —
Wed 23rd, 9:30 AM, St John Cantius, —
Thurs 24th, 9:00 PM (Vigil), Solemnity of Christmas, Alice Differ RIP
Fri 25th, 10:30 AM, Solemnity of Christmas, Alex Drain RIP
Sun 27th, 10:30 AM, Feast of the Holy Family, Mary Lafferty RIP
Sun 27th, 12:00 Noon (old rite), –, —
Monday 28th, 09:30 AM, Feast of the Holy Innocents, —
Wed 30th, –, —
Fri 1st, 11:00 AM, Solemnity of Mary – Mother of God, —

Farewell to Father Victor

Farewell to Fr. Victor

This week we will be saying farewell to Fr. Victor who has only been with us for a few months, but who has been working in our Diocese (in Stirling and in Corstorphine) for the last five years. He is now returning to his home Diocese in Nigeria to take up his new position as Diocesan Director of Finance! We thank him and wish him well as he returns to Africa and assure him of a warm welcome here at Ravelston whenever he returns to Edinburgh.


Welcome to Fr. Dominic Rolls

This week we welcome to our parish community Fr. Dominic Rolls, a priest of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton who is on loan from his Diocese for a period of three years and who will be staying at the Cathedral while recovering from a bout of cancer. Fr. Dominic will be helping us with Confessions and Masses while he recuperates, but not working full time. I know that you will make him very welcome.


Christmas Shoe Box Appeal



Just a reminder that we will be collecting Christmas shoe boxes on Sunday 13th December.   We will distribute gift-filled shoeboxes to young homeless people in Edinburgh who are supported by the Rock Trust, or who use the emergency accommodation at the hostel in Grove Street. Please cover the shoebox in festive paper and put in it unwrapped everyday items suitable for a young man or woman of 16 to 25 years. Items such as sweets, socks, gloves, scarf, puzzle book, pen, pocket torch, small change purse, hairbrush, shower gel (no razors or aerosols). Please label the box as suitable for male or female. Your box can be brought to church any Sunday between now and 13th December. They will be collected and kept safe until that day. Further information from Maureen or Ian McGregor at 337 6346.

Confessions All Day Next Saturday

confession-box-300x196Just a reminder that in order to help everyone go to confession before Christmas we will be hearing confessions in the Cathedral all day on the Saturdays of Advent (5th, 12th and 19th December) from 10.30am- 6pm. There will be confessions in English throughout the day and in Polish from 2pm-6pm.

Advent Candlelit Mass

Just a reminder that the first of our special Candlelit Masses will be this Monday at 7pm. This will be a lovely occasion and I’m encouraging all of you, and especially those of you with young children, to make an effort to come along. It is not a long Mass – over by 7.40pm at the latest – but it is a beautiful tradition and it is a great way to give a little time to God during these busy days. As I said last week, after many years as a priest, I am more convinced than ever that if we are spiritually generous in Advent and prepare well – then we have a much happier family Christmas.

Rota for 13 Dec 2015

Role, Person(s),
Readers, Maureen McGregor/Marie McQuillan,
Extraordinary Ministers, Anna Fraser/Margaret Guest/Chris McCabe,
Bidding Prayers, Dorrian Family,
Passkeepers, Michael McNaught-Davis,
Flowers, Maggie McCloskey,
Tea/Coffee, Gillian Alexander/Caroline Reid,
Cash Counting, Karla & Sergio Castro,

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member . Eucharist Ministers: only 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests saying Mass.

Holidays & Mass Intentions

Day, Time, Holy Day, Mass Intention
Sun 6th, 10.30am, Second Sunday of Advent, Helda Shepherd RIP,
Sun 6th, 12 noon (Old Rite), –, –,
Mon 7th, 7.00pm, Memorial of St Ambrose, Katrina Canavan RIP,
Tue 8th, 9.30am, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, –,
Wed 9th, 9.30am, –, –,
Fri 11th, 9.30am, –, –,

Fair Trade thank you








Thank you to everyone who supported the Christmas Fair Trade stalls at St Andrew’s. Altogether, we paid the One World Shop £1,601.95, representing 95% of the goods sold, roughly divided, a third each, between sales at the two St Andrew’s stalls, 2 stalls at Peter’s school and open house at the Milligans’. The 5% we are allowed to keep, and the generous donations we received, meant that we have been able to send Fr David Cullen £250 towards his work in Zambia.

Rosemary Milligan