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Dear all

Due to a family bereavement I had to leave for Ireland at fairly short notice and do a lot of catching up afterwards. The website has therefore fallen behind in terms of updates.

We should get a fresh crop of updates later today and be back on track thereafter

IT-minded volunteers for backup webmaster gratefully received!


Fair Trade Stall

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Thank you to everyone who supported the Fair Trade stall during Fair Trade fortnight and with Easter egg orders. We have returned £519 to the One World Shop and, with the 5% we are allowed to keep and the donations from parishioners and friends, been able to send £150 to the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) to support Fr David Cullen’s work in Zambia.

Many thanks,

Cluster Meeting with His Grace the Archbishop

As you probably know, the Archbishop is currently touring the Archdiocese meeting parishioners in their proposed new cluster groups – in order to explain his vision for the future of the Archdiocese and to consult with the faithful. Here at St. Andrew’s, our proposed cluster is with the Cathedral, Holy Cross and St. Margaret Mary’s and the Archbishop will be coming to meet you, the parishioners of these parishes, on Saturday 19th March at 11am in the Cathedral Hall. The meeting will last about an hour and a half and will be an important moment for us as a parish community.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

To celebrate Fair Trade fortnight, there will be stalls at St Andrew’s on Sundays 28 February and 6 March.  As well as the usual items, there will be an opportunity to buy or order Easter eggs and other chocolate. N.B.  We have received a certificate thanking us for the £3,314.12 worth of goods we have sold at St Andrew’s during 2015.

Message from Caroline Reid – New Money Counters Needed


I am currently trying to recruit a few individuals to help count the cash (ie: offertory, candles and tea & coffee donations) after Sunday Mass and wondered if any of you might be interested. At present, we have 4 teams who cash-count on a rota basis, meaning that – generally – each team is ‘on duty’ once every 4 weeks. If we are able to recruit two or three extra teams, then each team should only be required to count once every six weeks – maybe just 10 times a year. If you are interested, please let me know. Each team will need a minimum of two people (adults), so you can volunteer yourself alone, in which case you would be paired with another, or as a husband/wife team, or a team with yourself and a friend. It is important to note that counting the cash and being on the tea and coffee rota are not compatible, as these roles run concurrently.  Although the role is not particularly onerous, training is required and will be provided (by me!) As a guide, counting the cash would normally take between 30 and 45 minutes, depending upon whether there is a special collection.  If you would like to find out more, please catch me after Mass one Sunday.

New Altar Servers


The next training session will take place on Friday 11 March at 6pm, just before Stations. Thanks to all who came on Friday. Hopefully by Easter the sanctuary will be full of newly trained servers. If you would like to join us, see Fr Patrick or Fr Nick

Monthly Saturday Mass and Confessions

On the last Saturday of each month there will be Mass at St Andrew’s at 11am followed by confessions. This is a great opportunity during this Year of Mercy to experience the love and mercy of God the Father as encouraged by Pope Francis and Archbishop Leo. Please do make use of this opportunity.

Lent 2016 – Stations of the Cross

As a parish during Lent, we are celebrating the Stations of the Cross here in St. Andrews every Friday at 7pm. Stations of the Cross is a beautiful devotion and Fr. Nick, Fr. Dominic and I will lead the stations throughout Lent. They begin at 7pm and end with the distribution of Holy Communion not later than 7.30pm.

Rota for 6th March 2016

Role, Person
Readers, Nancy McDermott & Maureen McGregor
Extraordinary Ministers, George Paluchowski/Fergus Christie/ Philip Dorrian
Bidding Prayers, Amaka Idigo
Passkeepers, Frances Milne
Tea/Coffee, Fey Family,
Cash Counting, Siun & John Whyte

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member. Eucharist Ministers: only 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests saying Mass.

Mass Times, Holy Days & Mass Intentions


Day, Time, Holy Day, Mass Intentions

Sun 28th Feb, 10:30am, — , Maria Paluchowski & Andrew MacDonald

Sun 28th Feb, 12 noon (old rite), –, —

Mon 29th Feb, 9:30am, –, —

Wed 2nd March, 9:30am, –, —

Thurs 3rd March, 9:30am, –, —

Fri 4th March, 10am, –, Requiem Mass for Freda Alexander

Fri 4th March, 10am, Stations of the Cross, —