Dear Friends,

Rosemary and I would be delighted if you could join us at a charity ball next spring. We wanted to give you lots of notice!

The event is being organized by the Knights of Malta. We went to their ball last year and it was a great success: well organized, a nice mix of reeling and disco, a nice mix of old and young people, a nice mix of Edinburgh and London, town and country.

The ball will raise money for two good causes:

The first is the International Disabled Camp 2018, a camp for disabled children, supporting both the volunteers and the young people they are caring for, both of whom will come from all parts of Europe to spend a week in the UK in 2018. Think of Lourdes in Hampshire – but with more adventurous activities laid on!

The second is closer to home, namely Dial a Journey – this is based in Stirling and covers not only Stirling but also Falkirk and Clackmannanshire. It provides door to door transport services to those who have mobility problems and cannot access public transport.

Some details for you: the date is Saturday 25 March, the venue is the Hub, i.e. at the top of the Royal Mile, and the tickets will cost £90 a person. There is a plentiful range of raffles and auctions for wallets and purses of all sizes. The dress code is Black Tie (other options are described on the web site).

Would you be free to join us on March 25th? If you need more information then please call us or look on this ticketing web site.

Incidentally, if you have anything you could offer for auction/raffle prizes (holiday villa, case of wine, day’s shooting/fishing, etc, etc) we are sure the committee (Andrew co-opted this year) would be happy to hear from you.

We do hope you can join us. If anyone comes from a distance from Edinburgh, we will endeavour to put them up. We would be grateful if you could respond letting us know whether you are interested in principle, without necessarily committing yourselves now. If you are NOT interested, we will promise not to bother you further! We look forward to hearing from you.

With all good wishes

Andrew and Rosemary Milligan

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal for the Young Homeless in Edinburgh



Most of the young people living in emergency accommodation in Edinburgh have no family contact. Many of them are reduced to tears on Christmas morning when they realise that their box has been donated by the generosity of a stranger. You are invited to bring a shoe box covered in festive paper and containing a selection of everyday items suitable for a young man or woman aged between 16 and 22. Boxes are to be in Church by Sunday, 10 th December. Suggested contents: sweets, socks, gloves, scarf, puzzle book, pens, small torch, toilet bag, toiletry items (no razors or aerosols). Please label the box as to whether it is suitable for male or female. Queries to: Maureen McGregor Tel: 0131 337 6346 Mob: 07720783442. Email:

Jessie’s box

During the recent PPC meeting, it was agreed that all monies collected in Jessie's box during the current calendar year, will be donated to the Missionaries of Charity.  However, from 1 January 2017 onwards, all monies collected in Jessie's box will be donated to our new, nominated Parish Project, as above.

Parish Project

As you may know, we have, for many years, supported the work of Fr David Cullen in Zambia as our 'Parish Project'.  However, during recent PPC meetings, it has been decided that it is time for this to be reviewed.  This is particularly in the light of your very generous support of the work of Fr Nikolas Maria in Russia and more recently, your response to Fr Victor's appeal for help with building a new church in his parish in Nigeria.

As this is a 'Parish Project', it is important that you, the parishioners, play a key role in the decision making process.  Therefore, forms have been left at the back of the Church and also in the Parish Rooms for you to nominate who you would like our ongoing Parish Project beneficiary to be.

Please do take a form and complete and return it as indicated to allow the Parish Council to make an informed decision regarding the Parish Project.  The beneficiary will be determined at the next Parish Council meeting and they will then benefit from all monies collected for the purposes of 'Parish Project' with effect from 1 January 2017.

Fair Trade Stall

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Thank you to all who purchased items from the Fair Trade stall after Mass last Sunday. Details of proceeds will be published next week. Although there won’t be a Fair Trade stall today, watch for next week when there will be lots of Christmas items on sale (ideal for Christmas gifts!). If anyone has any special requests, please call Rosemary Milligan on 337 1385.

Confessions during Advent – Every Saturday from 10.30am-6pm


Another important way to prepare for Christmas is to make a good confession. To make this easy for you – we will have confessions in the Cathedral all day every Saturday of Advent. They will start after Mass at 10.30am and finish with evening Mass at 6pm. There will be various visiting confessors and there will be confessions in Polish from 2pm-6pm each Saturday.

Special Advent Candlelit Mass at 7pm on Thursday

The first of our lovely Advent Masses will be on this Thursday at 7pm. It is an opportunity for us to come together to prepare spiritually for Christmas. The Mass is short and will be done by 7.30pm, but is a beautiful memory for you to give to your kids.

Whay not try to come along at a family? If we prepare spiritually for Christmas – we’ll have a much happier celebration when it comes.

ROTA for 4 th December 2016

Role, Person(s)
Readers, Teresa Howison/Amaka Idigo
Extraordinary Ministers, Anna Fraser/Margaret Guest/Chris McCabe
Bidding Prayers, Nancy/Fiona McDermott
Passkeeper, Gerry McCloskey
Flowers, Clare McKendrick
Tea/Coffee, Sarah McNaught-Davis
Cash Counting, Anne Ellis/Sheila Hannah


Sun 27th, 10.30am, –, Brenda Baigrie
Sun 27th, 12:00, Extraordinary Form, —
Wed 30th, 9:30am, Solemnity of St Andrew, Joseph Higgins RIP
Thur 1st Dec, 7:00pm, Rorate Mass, Peter Gabriel Sp. Int.
Fri 2nd Dec, 9.30am, –, Luisa & Bernard De Luca

Mary’s Meals “Rags to Riches Collection” on 3 rd /4 th December

This is advance notice that the Cathedral will, once again, be organising a collection of unwanted clothing, curtains, bedding, shoes, bags and belts in aid of the charity Mary's Meals, which as you know feeds and educates some of the poorest children in the world at all. Apparently as little as three bags of good quality second hand clothes can generate enough money to feed a child in school for a year. This year’s collection will be during the weekend of 3rd/4th December.

Family Planning – God’s Way – Nature’s Way

The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Fertility Regulation is 99% effective in avoiduing pregnancy with no side effects. The method is also highly effective in helping couples achieve a much-wanted pregnancy. For an information pack or details of a teacher in your area, please contact Fertility Care Scotland at: 0141 352 7930; or