Catholic Education Week

The 28th January -3rd February is Catholic Education Week. This year marks 100 years since the Education Act that saw Catholic Education become part of the state sector. There will be a second collection after all Masses next week for the work of the Scottish Catholic Education Service.

Young Adults’ Group

The first talk of the Young Adults’ Group will take place on Wednesday 7th February at 7pm in the Cathedral Hall. The winter/spring series will explore the nature of the Church and all the many different things which make the Church to be the living body of Christ. As a little warm-up to the series, there will be a cheese and wine social evening in the Cathedral Hall on Monday 29th Jan from 7pm. All under-35s welcome.

Rite of the Presentation of the Creed at Mass This Sunday

Nicene Creed

Nicene Creed

Today we welcome in a particular way the children of Primary 4 who are preparing to receive Holy Communion for the first time. During Mass they will be presented with a copy of the Creed. We pray that they will continue to grow in their knowledge and love of God as they prepare to receive Our Lord Himself in the Blessed Sacrament.

Mass Days, Times, Holy Days & Mass Intentions

Day Time Holy Day Mass Intention
Sunday 28 10:30am NA Freddie Peet (special intention)
Sunday 28 12:00 Extraordinary Form NA
Friday 29 9:30am The Presentation of the Lord Response of the souls of parents, sister & friends of Joan Utley

Rota for next Sunday 4th February

Role Person(s)
Readers Catherine & Finn Stewart
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Margaret Guest,Chris McCabe,Nancy McDermott
Bidding Prayers Fey Family
Passkeeper Andrew & Rosemary Milligan
Flowers Bettina Sizeland & Trish Archutowski
Tea/Coffee Sarah McNaught-Davis
Cash Counting Ang & John Byrne

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member.
Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.


Finally, just so that you know, unfortunately due to the shortage of priests it is becoming more and more difficult for priests to get supply cover. This means that more and more frequently they are asking us at the Cathedral to help (because we are one of the few parishes in the diocese with more than one priest!). This means that Fr. Nick and I have been supplying in Musselburgh for the last two weeks and we will be supplying in the Raploch next week. Just in case you are wondering where we are!

Picardy Place

Edinburgh Council will vote on the plans for Picardy Place on 25th January (to see the plans and details of the meeting: It would appear that the Council have taken substantial note of our concerns, so many thanks to all of you who expressed your opinions.