Memorial Mass for Monsignor Gemmell

Memorial Mass for Monsignor Gemmell. This marks the 10th anniversary of the former administrator of the Cathedral, Msgr. David Gemmell. Mass will be offered for him on March 7th in the Cathedral at 12.45pm, and there will be a memorial Mass for him at St Kentigern’s, Barnton, the same day at 7pm. All are welcome.

Volunteering Opportunities

Perhaps as one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might consider giving some time and/or energy to the Church? We are really in need of more volunteers to help run this dynamic parish. So, for instance, we really need more cleaners, and ‘teas & coffees’ teams. We are also looking for people with PVG at this parish as passkeepers and to provide a taxi service for an elderly person to and from Trinity for the 10:30am Sunday Mass. Could you (would you) conceivably give a little of your time to the parish? If you would like to know more about any of these things, or (better still) if you would just like to volunteer please either speak to a member of the Parish Council after Mass (or email them at, alternatively speak to Fr Nick or Fr Patrick. Thank you.

SCIAF Wee Box Appeal



If you haven’t already done so, please pick up a SCIAF “Wee Box” from the back of the Church on your way out today to help with Lenten almsgiving. The UK Government has pledged to match all donations received through the Wee Box Appeal this year, so please do take one home and fill it up during Lent.

From the Archbishop

My Dear People,

As you know, I have spent much of the last two years looking into the question of our parish clusters, to see if there was a way to improve and renew the pastoral life of the diocese. Having listened to literally thousands of you at cluster meetings across the Diocese, having read the cluster reports that were sent to me, and having consulted our clergy in various forums, I now intend to draw this process of consultation to an end by proposing the merger of an important number of our parishes. My proposals will be made public shortly, after I have consulted the Council of Priests in early March.

I am well aware that this has not been an easy time for any of us. Guided, however, by a genuine desire to improve the Christian life and pastoral care of the Diocese with the human and priestly resources at our disposal, I hope to put before you a reasonable compromise of our needs and wishes in the near future.
In general terms, therefore, and to put some minds at ease, I write to you now to let you know that I am minded to merge a significant number of clusters, though by no means all, into single parishes, retaining however most of the church buildings already in use for as long as they are affordable, and indeed wished, by clergy and people alike. The time may well come in the future when not every church or chapel can expect Sunday Mass to be celebrated in it every week, but this is a separate question for us to answer in due course. 

Let me also thank all of you again for sharing your thoughts, opinions and aspirations with me over these last years. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with and get to know so many of you during this process. Having glimpsed something of your faith and of your commitment to the Church, I am very encouraged as we move forward towards a new stage in the life of this diocese. Please continue to keep me in your prayers, as I remember you in mine.

Sincerely in Christ,
+Leo Cushley

Rota for Next Sunday 4th March

Rota Icon

Rota Icon

Role Person(s)
Readers Geraldine
Ministers of Holy Communion
Chris McCabe,Nancy McDermott,George Paluchowski
Nancy & Fiona McDermott
Passkeeper Frances Milne
Flowers No
flowers during Lent
Tea/Coffee Gillian Alexander & Caroline Reid
Siun & John Whyte

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member. Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1st and 2nd named, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.

Mass Days, Times, Holy Days and Mass Intentions

Day Time Holy Day Mass Intention
Sunday 25th Feb 10:30am NA Vincent Short
Sunday 25th Feb 12:00 Extraordinary Form NA
Friday 2nd March 9:30am Anne Catherine Peffer, RIP