Rota for Next Sunday – 30th December

Role Person(s)
Readers Rosemary Milligan , Geraldine Rooney
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Chris McCabe, Nancy McDermott, Margaret Guest
Bidding Prayers Nancy & Fiona McDermott
Passkeeper Gerry McCloskey
Flowers Flower Team for the Christmas Period
Tea/Coffee Margaret Bee & Linda Alonzi
Cash Counting Sarah Dredge & Eileen Gillon

Rota for Christmas Day – 25th December

Role Person(s)
Readers Geraldine Rooney
Gerry McCloskey
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Anna Fraser, Fergus Christie, Philip Dorrian
Bidding Prayers Fey Family
Passkeeper Robbie Clarke
Flowers Flower Team for the Christmas Period

Rota for Christmas Eve – 24th December

Role Person(s)
Readers Louise Gardiner
Teresa Howison
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Fergus Christie et al.
Bidding Prayers Fergus Christie
Passkeeper Andrew & Rosemary Milligan
Flowers Flower Team for the Christmas Period

Mass Days, Times, Holy Days & Mass Intentions

Day Time Holy Day Mass Intention
Sunday 23rd 10.30am Rose Doherty (RIP)
Christmas Eve 6.00pm Christmas Eve Murray Hayes (RIP)
Christmas Eve Midnight Extraordinary Form
Christmas Day 10:30am Christmas Day Special Intention
Christmas Day 12 noon Extraordinary Form
Sunday 30th 10.30am The Holy Family Murray Hayes (RIP)
New Years Day 11:00am Mary, Mother of God Fleur & James Mattocks (RIP)
Friday 4th 9:30am Special Intention

Second Collection – Bethany Care Shelter

There will be a second collection today for the Bethany Care Shelter. The shelter remains open every night for 32 weeks during the winter season and provides a hot meal, overnight accommodation, friendship and advice every night for an average of 61 homeless men and women in Edinburgh. The cost of operating the shelter this year is £260,000, or £21 per bed space per night, so a donation of £250 for example would provide 12 bed spaces in the weeks ahead. Thank you for your generosity!

The Christmas Fair Trade Stall

Thank you so much to all who supported the Christmas Fair Trade stalls. We returned £1,141.65 to the One World Shop. They allowed us to keep £123.84, which, added to the donations we received from parishioners, has enabled us to send £250 to support Fr David Cullen in his work in Zambia.

Message from Amaka and Michael

Amaka writes: “Dear friends, I will like to inform you that Michael and I will be returning back to Nigeria on the 28th of December, and I do not know if we will back at the time of writing this. I will like thank you all for the love and support you have shown to us for the past 4 years. Please remember us in your prayers and we will do the same. Hope to see you all again in the future, but for now Good bye! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year when it comes. With love, Amaka and Michael.”