More Safeguarding

Dear Volunteers;

If you have any PVG forms to return I’ll be at a desk at the back of the parish hall tomorrow and next week but not Sunday 9th Nov.  If you are expecting forms by mail and they haven’t arrived do email me (

When completing forms there are a few common issues tripping folks up

  1. All questions bordered in yellow are MANDATORY.  Leaving blank is not an option!
  2. If you have a passport you MUST include the passport number even if you are not using it for ID purposes
  3. Black pen please and block capitals only.
  4. Don’t forget mother’s maiden name (easily missed)
  5. Passport numbers are causing confusion because the form, rather confusingly, leaves 31 spaces for the passport number and British (but not apparently other) passports have a super-long number on the document.  You want the 9-digit number only.
  6. Driving licences too come in a long and short form.  We want the shorter form which is on the photo card rather than the long string of characters on the counterpart.
  7. For (mostly ladies) who use a married and a maiden name (the latter perhaps for professional purposes) please complete the form using the name which is “official” and which is in the other documents (passport, driving licence, utility bills, bank statement …)

I’m pleased to report that the first tranche of 7 completed and verified PVG forms have now gone off.  43-odd to go!

With thanks for your patience