A view From The Bridge:

1024px-US_Navy_100327-N-1876H-006_Lt._Cmdr._Adam_Cheatham_observes_operations_from_the_bridge_of_the_littoral_combat_ship_USS_Independence_(LCS_2)Last weekend there was a degree of uncertainty about the future of the parish community in St Andrew’s.  Material published in the civil press based on the letter from Archbishop Cushley that had previously distributed was interpreted as a threat to close this place.  We have to recognise that there will be changes, based on numbers and provision but we also need to realise that burying heads in the sand and saying things must remain the same as they always have been is not an option.  We have to work to sustain the community and to discuss the best option, which does not include closure as the community has great strengths.  At the parish meeting we will take this forward but I would ask all people to pray for wisdom and discernment for all of us.