Telephone Apostolate

Dear All,

The parish is intending to launch a ‘telephone apostolate’ to help those who need sone support and we are looking for volunteers.  We intend giving help by setting up a buddy system where  volunteer befrienders would be paired with one or two befriendees.  

Your commitment: Regular telephone calls would take place whereby befrienders would call and “check-in” on their befriendee’s wellbeing. Other than enjoying a positive “natter”, conversations could also include asking if they are eating well and staying hydrated, have enough food etc and we will work in partnership with SSVP. 

If you are interested in helping the please reply to Peter Traynor and you will get more details. 

Ideally we want to keep a database of helpers.  To make sure we conform with GPPR rule can you please just confirm that you are willing to go on a database to help out. 

Best wishes,
Chris McCabe