Sacraments & Faith Formation

The sub-pages of this menu are arranged logically along chronological lines from baptism, through children’s liturgy (for children) through sacramental preparation, young adults and RCIA for adults.

St Andrew’s parish is very much a family community. About 270 people attend church each week, and a large number are children. There is a regular cycle of children’s sessions after mass each Sunday to prepare children, usually in P4 and P5 years at school, for the sacraments: holy confession, first communion and then confirmation. Small groups are taught by trained helpers who follow an agreed course of instruction. The sacramental preparation lasts a year and is completed with special services in the early summer.

For the older teenage children, they are encouraged to become altar servers, while the parish often helps children go on the youth tour to Lourdes each year.

St Andrew’s parish follows all the diocesan guidelines for child protection.

If any parent would like more information about the preparation for the sacraments or arrangements for the children’s’ liturgy, please contact the chair of the parish council by sending a message through this web site.