Submissions to Website / Newsletter

This website belongs to the parish and it was our intention from the outset that it would come into being through our collective efforts. Content for the website is therefore eagerly sought and warmly welcomed.

That being said, like any workplace or business, the parish has to has to have some control over what is published in its name. Unlike most workplaces or businesses however, the parish website is entirely dependent on volunteer labour. The following guidelines therefore are intended to serve two purposes. Firstly, to provide some lightweight governance and secondly, as practical guidance to ease the workload of the volunteers. We’re happy to take suggestions and revise these guidelines in the light of experience.


  1. Material submitted for publication on the website is lightly edited to suit the medium. Compliance with the following guidance however remains the responsibility of the submitter as does any error of fact, opinion, spelling, grammar, taste etc.
  2. Please ensure you own the copyright, or have appropriate rights, for any material you submit to the website.
  3. Please do not use the website to make personal attacks on either public or private figures. In addition to being unchristian, it exposes the parish to possible legal action.
  4. At the risk of being obvious, do not use the website to promote or engage in illegal acts.
  5. While we should not necessarily shy away from controversial topics in our discussions, these should be addressed calmly and respectfully.
  6. Please ensure any submissions to the website are consistent with the Christian and Catholic ethos of the parish.
  7. All of us have lives outside Church and may care deeply about matters which, while important, are not directly related to the life of the Church or the parish. An example might be political issues. Parishioners may, in good conscience, have divergent views on these matters and it would not be appropriate to use the website as a platform to debate these topics.


  1. To submit material for inclusion in the newsletter please email direct to Father Patrick or the Cathedral (
  2. For the website please email it to
  3. By default, website items go on the front page. This is a “blog” type format with new material at the top and older news items down the page. There are also static pages for permanent or semi-permanent content.
  4. Space is limited in the newsletter but less so on the website so the latter is a better place for lengthy pieces or pieces with graphics.
  5. The easiest workflow is for the text to be in the body of the email without any formatting. This makes it easy to copy and paste into WordPress (our website software).
  6. Again, it would be easiest for us if you sent us the content as you want it published. The editors should be able to simply copy and paste the material with minimal editing or composition.
  7. Attach any photos as JPEG files in the usual way.
  8. If you send in a complete document we may, depending on length, paste all the text as a post on the front page or just a brief one-line announcement and a download link. All documents will be converted to PDF if we’re going down this route. Some, poster-type announcements can be converted to a picture and displayed on the front page (at less than full size).
  9. Don’t send material in unusual file formats. We can reliably handle plain text, Rich Text (RTF), PDF, MS Word, PNG, JPEG.
  10. We don’t really have a workflow to handle weekly repeats. If you want an item repeated, send it in again as often as you need to. If you have something that needs to be displayed on a long-term basis it might be a better fit for a static page.
  11. There will be occasional failures and lapses. We ask your understanding in advance for these.
  12. We could always do with additional volunteers for the website.

With thanks

Website Team