volunteer-422598_640The parish is in great need of volunteers across a wide range of roles. Many of these do not involve unsupervised access to members of vulnerable groups so the requirements are minimal in terms of paperwork.

Some roles are so-called “regulated” and, for these roles a little bureaucracy is required.  The parish is compliant with all applicable policy and legislation in this area which goes under the umbrella term “PVG” (Protection of Vulnerable Groups). See tables below for lists of regulated and non-regulated roles.

For a regulated role, the process is as follows:

  1. Read an explanatory letter
  2. Complete a combined application and declaration form
  3. Part-complete a ID verification form
  4. Complete the correct PVG scheme form (either existing or new member)
  5. Get a passport and a photo driving licence and a piece of official correspondence with your address on it (ideally more than one).  Other combinations of documents are possible but this definitely works
  6. Arrange to meet Paula Collar or Fionnbar Lenihan (parish safeguarding coordinators) to check your forms, verify your ID and forward your paperwork to the Archdiocese

The relevant forms are made up into packs and can be found in a drawer in the parish rooms.  Any one on the parish council will be able to direct you.  Another option is to download the forms (apart from the PVG form itself) from this link, complete them as above (the PDF forms can be completed on screen if your typing is better than your handwriting!) and finish off with the parish safeguarding coordinator.  The process is actually relatively painless and quick.

Regulated Roles – PVG Required

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For a non-regulated role, simply complete the single form available from this link and bring it to anyone on the parish council who can arrange for your interview and appointment.

Non-Regulated Volunteer Roles

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