The Church Buildings

St Andrew’s church is rather special, and we in the parish are very proud of it. It is unusual as it is a wooden church, not stone like most in Edinburgh. The building is just over 110 years old, having been built as a kit – supposedly sent from Austria. Built as a temporary church in 1902, this wooden-framed building, a mixture of Arts & Crafts and Early English style, reflects a warmth of tradition. Half-timbered with red roof and ridge tiles, the central panel of stained glass in the west window dates from 1960 and was created by Felix McCullough.  There is a 17th century German polychromed statue of The Madonna and Child to the left of the west window.

The church is very popular with weddings, seating just over 250 people. It was built in the grounds of a large 19th century house, which is now both the parish rooms and also the home for retired priests. The grounds of the house are well cared for, with lots of mature trees, which makes a perfect location for the annual parish barbecue.

Exterior - main door

Exterior Shot – Main Door

Interior - main

Interior Shot – towards alterInterior - entrance