Important Coronavirus Update

My Dear Friends,

As you probably know, we have received word that the Bishops Conference of Scotland today decided (upon advice from the Scottish Government) to suspend all public Masses across the country. This decision was not taken lightly and will be reviewed as soon as the Government tells us that it is safe for us to congregate for Mass again.

As a consequence, the Archbishop has suspended the public celebration of Holy Mass from tomorrow onwards. This means that tomorrow’s 9am, 12.45 and 6pm Masses for the Feast of St Joseph will be the last public celebrations of Mass in our parish until we hear otherwise.

There will be no further public liturgies in the Cathedral or in St. Andrews Ravelston until we have received more instructions from the Archbishop. It also seems likely that we will not be able to celebrate the Triduum together this year – but this will depend on the instructions we receive from the Government.

So, this means that:

  • The faithful of the Archdiocese are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to go to Mass until further notice;
  • The clergy at the Cathedral will celebrate daily Mass privately in the Cathedral House Chapel from now on. We will each remember you all in our Masses;
  • Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals can go ahead but in the presence of close family only;
  • There will be confessions at the usual times in our parish: on Weekdays at 1.15pm and on Saturday mornings from 10.30-12noon and on Saturday evenings from 5-6pm;
  • The sick and the dying will receive the Sacraments when necessary. Just contact the parish office if you need a priest;
  • As usual, the church will be open every day from 8.00am to 6.30pm. I encourage you all, while we are without the Sacrifice of the Mass, to visit the Blessed Sacrament at the Cathedral to sustain yourselves and your families spiritually;
  • Since the Cathedral is open, you will still be able to make the Station of the Cross for Lent privately in the Cathedral;
  • I encourage all families to say the Rosary together on Saturday evening or Sunday at the time when you would usually be gathering for Mass. While we are unable to be together at the altar, we can still be united in our prayers;
  • If you have a missal or access to the internet, you could read the readings that we would have had at Mass. You can also access Mass on-line;
  • If possible, try to make a private visit with your family to the church on Sundays so that, even though you will not be able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, you can pray for a time before Him in the tabernacle;
  • The newsletter will still be printed and left at the back of the Cathedral each Saturday evening;
  • The Parish Council are working with me to coordinate a programme of parish outreach to those who are unable to leave their homes and who may need our help. In the meantime, if you need assistance or you know of someone who may need assistance, call the parish office on 0131 556 1798 to let us know.

Finally, as fear and panic seem to gain the upper hand in the minds of many around us, let us remember how often Jesus told his disciples: “Do not be afraid.”

We are Christians and as such we are not afraid – neither of this virus nor of anything else. We trust in God, knowing that he never ceases to care for us and that he will never abandon us. So let us be of good cheer. Let us look out for those around us who may be isolated or need our help. And let us use this time of enforced retreat to deepen in our spiritual lives and to grow closer to the Lord.

Please pray for us, and be absolutely sure of our prayers for you. And if you need a priest do not hesitate to contact us.

Fr. Patrick

Parish Priest

Last Chance to Vote for the New Parish Project

Thank you to all who have contributed towards a final donation to Fr Nicklas Maria. After collating all amounts given via Jessie’s box, bank transfer and the proceeds from the BBQ, I am pleased to tell you that we have now made a donation to Fr Nicklas Maria of £3,100.  Thank you all for your generosity, such an amount will make a significant difference in his parish in Russia. Please remember to vote for our new parish project to take effect from January. Voting forms can be found at the back of the Church and completed forms can be posted in the box marked in the Parish Rooms. The forms will be reviewed and the votes counted after today.

Rota for Sun 22nd December

ReadersGerry McCloskey, Teresa Howison
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Anna Fraser, Margaret Guest, Chris McCabe
Bidding Prayers Nancy & Fiona McDermott
PasskeeperFergus Christie
FlowersFlower Team for Christmas Period
Tea/CoffeeSarah McNaught-Davis
Cash CountingSiun & John Whyte

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member.Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1stand 2ndnamed, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.

As you will recall, Fr Nicklas Maria was nominated as our ‘Parish Project’ at the beginning of 2016 for a period of 3 years.  Now that the 3 years is almost at an end, we would like you, the parish, to vote again so that we can determine our parish project for the next 3 years beginning in January 2020.  Forms are now available at the back of the Church which include some suggestions as well as a space if you would like to nominate another beneficiary not already put forward. Completed forms can be posted into the box marked ‘Parish Project Nominations’ on the sideboard in the Parish Rooms.  It is planned that forms will then be reviewed and votes counted after 15th December and the new parish project announced at the end of the year. In the meantime, if you would like to make a final contribution towards a last donation to Fr Nicklas at the beginning of December, please do so before the end of this month.  You can give either by putting a cash donation into ‘Jessie’s Box’ at the back of the church, or by making a bank transfer to the parish bank account including the word ‘project’ in the payment reference.  If you need any further details on how to do this, please email Caroline Reid on

Rota for Sunday 8th Dec

ReadersValerie Thomas, Fergus Christie
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Margaret Guest, Christ McCabe, Nancy McDermott
Bidding Prayers Dorrian Family
PasskeeperFrances Milne
FlowersHelen Blyde
Tea/CoffeeGillian Alexander & Caroline Reid
Cash CountingSheila Hannah & Florence Fankam

If you are unable to take your turn, please swap with another team member.Extraordinary Ministers: we need only the 1stand 2ndnamed, if 2 priests concelebrate the Mass.